Yacht Sales Statistics

Yacht building has always remained a labor intensive but a highly stimulating and satisfying experience for many boat manufacturers. What differentiate a Yacht from a traditional ship are the grace and the ultimate majesty of the larger sailing www.pro-yachts.com. Let us review the recent trends in the yacht industry and the accompanying sales statistics.


The US boat building industry recognized the fact that yacht building is historically a very complicated process which requires highly skilled labor. Due to the complex factors involved, the statistics show that on average a $40000 worth of a project is only providing one job to the Rhode Island and Florida yacht development efforts. There is an extreme shortage of Yacht builders which far exceeds the threat to the US economy, from the low cost overseas workers.


According to the popular website, Yacht Forums, the statistics for the year 2003-04 reveal that 52 percent of the global market share is held by the top 20 yacht manufacturers. The Azimut-Benetti group of Italy represents Italy’s premier boat yards. They worked on 59 major projects in a year and made or sold over 7000 feet of yacht. The statistics also reveals the fact that the other two rivals of the Italian group are in fact, locals. Rodriguez and Ferretti group provided or sold over 4000 feet of yacht, each. These groups are involved in building semi-custom fiberglass yachts. The figures also revels that the top three countries in yacht building are Italy, Netherlands and the United States, in order. Yacht building statistics provides a firm clue that manufactures sell larger yachts, every year. The 2004 season saw Lurssen producing three of the four largest yachts. Most of the yachts sold were made of steel apart from Athena, made by Royal Huis. The yacht statistics also suggests the majority of the large boats were between 80 to 90 feet.


It is amazing to find that 76 percent of the yachts sold had been custom ordered by the owners. The statistics further state that 449 yachts were pre-ordered as compared to only 136 boats that had no prior customer. The trend towards owning is increasing every year. In 2004, yacht sales increased 15 percent from the previous year. There were 518 motor boats sold as compared to 69 of the traditional sailing boats. Perini Navi, an Italian manufacturer was the premier sailing boat builder. Most of the yachts sold were made up of fiberglass, steel or aluminum hulls. MTU Friedrichshafen, a German company and caterpillar are the leading engine manufacturers of the yachts. The statistics look even more staggering if we take into account the fact that together, they hold more than 75 percent of the yacht engine market share.


According to the statistics provided by the luxury yacht market economic report at the Monaco yacht show, year 2005 saw an increase of 25 percent in the sales of the luxury yachts. Year 2006, saw a further increase of 8 percent. These statistics also reveal that the average length of the yacht increased from 34.56 meters in 2005 to 36.25 meters in 2006. In 2006, there were 688 mega yachts that were over 24 meters in length. These figures combine sailing and motor propelled yachts. It should be noticed here that the same report has suggested that there is a decline in the sailing yacht market since 2002. The sailing yacht market recorded a decline of 8 percent in 2006, from the previous year.